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Heather Morris + Naya Rivera are my life icons. Oh, and my name is Addison. Nice to meet ya!

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How is everything with you?!

Grrrrrrrreat :)

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THE UNHOLY TRINITY: then and now.

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audreydouglass Los Cinco Amigos ❤️

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SONG: Slaying Everyone - The Compilation.
ARTIST: Kevin McHale.
Played 13,812 times.



This should be enough evidence that Kevin McHale is, indeed, the best male vocalist in the cast.

You’re welcome, fellow Artie stans.

whoa, embarrassed and flattered haha. man, we’ve done a lot of songs. Thanks for making this :) x

…does this make you siCK OF YOUR OWN VOICE (i hate myself for this joke)

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Santana and Brittany’s first night alone on their mall tour with Mercedes.


You hate this place. You hate the ungodly temperature of the Southwest, you hate the tour bus, you hate the tour manager, and most of all you hate how little time you actually get to spend…

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Tatiana is always the least important person in the room – in her eyes. She is the mother hen. She is forever telling others to please go before her at the lunch table, always checking in and asking if everyone has all that they need, always asking how you are feeling and how your mother is, always noticing when someone is down and picking them back up, always making you laugh with a funny face right when you need it, always honest with advice and encouragement, and always the hardest working and likely the most tired person in the room but never showing it. She is a true lead. She leads the cast and crew by example in hard work, dedication, professionalism, manners, encouragement, love, and absolute childlike fun and silliness.

— Kathryne Alexandre on Tatiana Maslany (x)
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